What’s The Social Networking Pulse of Your Business?

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ilivetoday allows you to avoid costs in product branding in our growing economy while creating a social networking path to optimize customer growth and awareness on the Internet.

This article was written by David Nour On October 9, 2009.

It was presented to me through Linked in as a member of the group Free Enterprise.

When was the last time you walked around your office and conducted an informal survey with your staff?  Not about what frustrates them the most about their job, what makes them excited about showing up everyday, or what specific problem or challenge they were trying to solve (all viable questions, by the way) but instead asking which social networking sites they are using most often, i.e. LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Slideshare, etc.; if they had read any customer reviews of your products or services online, or if they had learned something insightful about your current or prospective markets in a blog?

Next, survey a sampling of your most recent customers about how they prefer to be engaged.  Ask them about their perception of the marketing and sales signals you or your team is sending out and which ones are being received.  Ask how they research products or services to buy and how they perceive the information they get exposed to from other users of your products or services (as compared to your marketing value-proposition).  You may be surprised by the insights they’ll share on the business impact you may be ignoring.

Why not ask your managers, directors or business unit leaders about the social networking strategy they intend to implement to capitalize on this current trend?  If you get “uhmmm,” or “we need a LinkedIn group page, a Facebook fan page, or a corporate Twitter account” call us to talk about Enterprise Social Networking!

Social networking applications like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter are a delivery vehicle!  The destination is reshaping your industry and your business – your ability to remain relevant will entirely depend on whether you still see social networking as something for your teenage kids or a game changer for you and your team’s success in 2010 and beyond.  You see, social networking platforms are enabling a more real-time, peer-centric, buyer behavior.  Search engines are becoming social search and social CRM – a fundamental disruption in your perceived value creation.

Value creation is derived from value disruption; if you don’t disrupt your value chain, someone else will!

By the way, are you still in that corporate crowd suffering from the fallacy of control?  In the past week, I actually heard two executives proudly mention that access to Facebook and Twitter was blocked from their corporate office.  Guess what?  Your employees are bringing in their own laptops or 3G cards and accessing those sites anyway!  Otherwise, they’re using those sites from their iPhones and certainly when they get home!

Social networking is also bringing corporate transparency to a whole new level.  You have to define succinct guidelines very differently when an incident within your corporate walls can reach the world via Twitter in a matter of a couple of hours!  You have to protect your brand, confidential info, and intellectual property very differently.  If you don’t have an answer, “dig that hole before you need it!”

Many of the traditional communication methods are endangered species.  The velocity and veracity of news traveling on social networking sites mandates that you get more hands-on and consistent in your interactions with your distribution channel and end customers.  As a matter of fact – forget your products and services and start investing more time, effort and resources on the overarching customer experience.  Delegating your customer interactions to “the mailroom” while you comfortably command and control from “mahogany row” is a receipt for crisis in the making.

Social networking is a disruptive technology and Web 2.0 will fundamentally and forever shift your business to a more customer-centric model.  Bring the power and promise of social networking as a platform for mass collaboration within your enterprise, and you will accelerate profitable growth, top talent acquisition, and strategy execution.

At a minimum, if you’re not having conversations with your team (and your board) about social network-driven market disruptions, reinventing your business or revenue models, channel disintermediation, customer acquisition and retention costs, and strategic alliances to enter new markets or segments (powered by social networks), you better believe your competitors are!

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The Rainmaker Introduction

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The Rainmaker


In 1977 I became a member of the Screen Actors Guild and have had an ongoing affair with my dream, the first love of my life, acting. I was a fulltime Actor Starring in Movies and TV Shows capturing rolls playing younger than my age.  My acting credits are forever itched at imdb.com. All of a sudden I was in between age group and the rolls became harder to get. Acting is a life and death proposition.  I had to find a more consistent paycheck while raising my incredible children.

I found that paycheck in 1983 landing in a career as a retail car salesman in the Auto Industry. I could let go of my dream and still persuaded my acting career. Don’t get me wrong every time I had the opportunity sell a car it became a performance. It got to the point that when I would receive a voucher after the car deal I would convince myself that getting paid for my performance made me a professional actor.

In 1991 one fateful night in I rolled a Ford Festiva seventeen times losing the next two years of my life to a hospital bed at the USC Medical Center recovering from a major hip injury.

Upon recovery in 1994 I went to working for the State of California as a Public Relations Director for A County Fair soliciting over three quarters of a million dollars annually in cash and in-service Sponsorships. I handled all of the advertizing as well taking care of all the needs of the VIP’s.

I left to start my own video production company. I created and producing over 200 regional commercials. However I still had the longing to reconnect with my first love. In 1997 I was setting at home in my own pity party channel surfing. I came across a local low power TV station in my community. The programming consisted of four or five local shows and fed taped programming from other sources.  I went down to the Station to see for myself how the local programming was created. To my surprise it was generally a single camera operation with a little lighting and a switcher to go from live to pre-recorded commercials. There were no rules when it came to broadcasting over the airwaves in a local market. That’s right no FCC, no delay in the signal, only the freedom to do what ever you wanted, it was the Wild West all over again. Pretty much like it is now in the world of social networking on the Internet.

“Necessity is the mother of invention.” Using the tools I had mastered in the previous twenty years I created my own TV Show. This was a no brainer! I produced a live daily one hour show. It consisted of live segments with guests and peppered with live phone calls and give-a-ways. Did I mention no delay of the signal? (ROTFL) To build the audience I would tape community events and interviews. I sold segments and created commercial’s and had sponsors.

I entered the world of Social Networking, however, at the time I had no idea what that was. I had embarked a very ambitious and lucrative venture. On 9/11/2001 my world changed and with the creation of the Patriot Act live TV was dead.

I found myself back in the Auto Industry and became an Internet Sales Manger developing state of the art applications. I eventually became a Finance Manger and made over $150,000.00 annually in the height of the Auto Business. In the Auto Industry there is one rule when it comes to leaving a dealership. That rule is; “As long as you improve your station in life it’s okay to move on.” In 2007 with enough money saved to last one year I left once again to pursue my first love one last time.

I went back to the SAG asking for reinstatement which of course they denied. I then found myself one day a Best Buys. To my amazement there was an entire wall of product in the computer department dedicated to Web Cams and if that were not enough five employees were trying to answer all the question being asked by customers ages 15 to 80. I watch for quite sometime listening to the questions and answers.

The next day I returned after a night spent on my starter computer on the Internet (which of course the connection was dial-up). Best Buys were selling Web Cams from $10.00 to $149.00. After deciding who the most informed sales consultant was, keep in mind this was years before the GEEK SQAUD was a glimmer in some lower level executive’s eye, I jump in asking, “What was the best buy at Best Buy for my buck?” “Do you want the truth?” he said as he pushed his glasses against his forehead with his index finger. This clown would never make it in the car business. “Sure.” I replied knowing the truth would set me free.

He proceeded to pour his precise little world of techno plasma knowledge filled crenel to me. Information so valuable to this day it rings in though my head. Why is youth wasted on the young? I walked out of there with a $29.00 Logitech Wed Cam that I still use today.  In this book you will learn what took place in the last three years to make me the RAINMAKER of Social Networking. When we are done I will seed your computing cloud so that after the storm not only will you see the Rainbow, but, you will have your pot o’ gold finding your economic reward through the commerce in the new order.

P.S. This book is dedicated to that sells consultant at Best Buys for handing the key to the gate. Who today is probably flipping burgers at Mac Donald’s.

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ilivetoday With Jim Greenleaf

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Join Me Live
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The 2 x New Explorer Ammobox

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The 2 x New Explorer Ammobox (sponsored by sleepydog.net)

Phil Campbell out of the UK has a great eye to see out of the box of social networking… my hat is off to him.Carrying on from the original ammobox that was sponsored by blogtv last year we are now in the process of building up 10 boxes for this year to spread around to events around the country so events can be livestreamed of a fairly decent quality to improve content from small scale events and to eventually provide regular content weekly online for those with small budgets from breakout events – similar to the amplified events in the uk.

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