Bonnie Gillespie Live 03.06 @www.ilivetoday.com

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Bonnie Gillespie Live 03.06. @www.ilivetoday.com


Bonnie Gillespie Book Signing

You won’t want to miss this!

Saturday, March 6, 2010
2:00pm – 4:00pm
We will be there live for her Q & A.

Bonnie Gillespie!
Many of you know her from her weekly column, “The Actor’s Voice” on Actor’s Access and showfax.com. http://www.showfax.com

Bonnie is, of course, a well known casting director who specializes in SAG indie feature films and she will be signing copies of her awesome book, “Self-Management for Actors: Getting Down to (Show) Business”.

It’s your career. Why not manage yourself? Actors are frequently on the quest for representation. You need a manager to help guide you through the process of becoming a working actor. Or do you? Self-Management for Actors will help you take control of your career from the business side of things. There is no secret method to succeeding in Hollywood. There is no password-entry system to join the Working Actor Club. What does exist is a simple, self-management concept that allows you to handle the business of your acting career without losing the ability to be a creative artist. Balance is key, and the tips in Self-Management for Actors will put you well on your way to having the best manager you deserve: yourself! Now in an expanded third edition, including a new section on Advanced SMFA concepts and contributions from over 50 working professionals, Self-Management for Actors is Hollywood Grad School—in book form!

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ilivetoday The Pod Cast Show 02.19.2010

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Is what ever you bring to the table. Tells us about your Blog and why your into Social Media.

Featured Blogs

LAIR OF THE YAK (Episode 94: Meet author ANGELINE HAWKES)

NOTE: Airs 9PM Eastern
TONIGHT as part of our WOMEN IN HORROR APPRECIATION MONTH celebration, we welcome Angeline Hawkes, author of THE COMMANDMENTS, PORTALS OF TERROR, THEN COMES THE CHILD and SHADES OF BLOOD AND SHADOW (among others). Come on down and pick Ang’s brain!

Starting: tomorrow at 6:00 pm

Challenging Paranormal Field

What Now? 

JOIN THE HauntingsTelevison ning site at-

When I first heard about this, I have to be honest; I thought it was just another group of crazies out there proverbially holding hands on the internet again – where (Lets Face It) most crazies seem to find a home &/or a companion or two to while away their hours in a blissful feeding frenzy of conspiracy and tin foil hats.

Frankly, I wish that would have been the case this time, as I would have felt much better, and certainly more secure in simply brushing them all aside in one clean sweep, But the more I began researching the technology, the claims and the evidence of these individuals – well frankly the more disturbing the facts surrounding their claims, and the technology existing to support them, became.

As a researcher, I have explored virtually anything & everything one might possibly care ‘or not care’ to explore, I have walked in haunted houses, tracked big foot on more than one occasion and even sat up all night waiting with a group of folks expecting a space ship to land, and its occupants to greet them. Most were neither haunted, nor did I get greeted by a firm hand shake or even so much as a lit finger of an ET.. sigh.

In all fairness, I have also run into many things which simply can not be explained, and thus were indeed paranormal, or outside of explanation from which they could be made by genuine effort “normal”. – So I know these events indeed do occur.

The paranormal has never been a ‘belief’ system for me personally, it has always been a field of study; as such, scrutiny or what has come to be known as ‘debunking’ is a vital part of that field.

And all of that was said to bring me to this: SOMETHING I CAN’T DEBUNK-

SPECIAL GUEST INTERVIEWS: Featuring- Derrick Robinson, President of the Freedom From Covert Harassment and Surveillance group, he along side others strongly believe, that their lives are being invaded by covert surveillance technology, and what they might tell us all, could change everything.

I invite you to hear from them personally, Feb. 22nd at:
http://www.blogstar.c… [9:10pm Pacific.]

listen for yourselves, then-You be the judge.

http://www.HauntingsTelevision.com/ Consider this your invitation.
Radio Rod

Starting: next Monday at 9:10 pm

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Laughing with Jim Greenleaf

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Jim Greenleaf is on the Road in Jamestown Ca at the Hop

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Jim Greenleaf is on the Road in Jamestown Ca at the Hop



Sierra Motors        “One Low Price, Plain and Simple…ALWAYS !”


 CALL TODAY  @800.571.0275 





With all of the commotion about dealerships closing, you might be amazed that as General Manager of Sierra Motors, I am happy to be here.


When John called and asked me to come to Jamestown California from Boise Idaho, I had no idea what to expect. John explained things to me in a very direct manner. Sierra Motors is very important to the community. We are a very large employer. We generate tax dollars for the local community. We take care of people the way a business is supposed to care of them, like they are all friends of the owner. We offer the fairest way possible to do business, one low price, plain & simple…always. For being one of the biggest career moves of our lives, it was a quick & easy decision. Let’s roll.


One of the keys to the continued viability of Sierra Motors is very simply CSI, Customer Satisfaction Index. Out of a possible 4.00 our 12 month score is 3.96. That puts us among the very top of the top in the entire western third of the United States. Rarified air indeed.

That speaks volumes about our departments. In sales, service, parts or body shop, we are committed to your satisfaction.


We have lived in places like the Mojave Desert and Boise, never in an actual forest. Our amazing agent, Michelle A’dair found us the ideal place to live, Comstock Ranch in the hills above Sonora. We are on just less than three acres of solid Oak, Cedar and Pine trees, at an altitude of 3600’. I am not sure of all of the varieties of animals that walk through our place, more Deer than we can count and a variety of singing birds to name a few. Our dog even found a skunk nearby.


We know how important communication is so we have created the first social network for this area. You can make your own web page, write about your event, down load pictures, videos, and stories @ GOLD OF THE MOTHER LODE and it’s free.


It is a peaceful, serene home with just enough snow in the winter and all of the wonderful fresh air of the forest the rest of the time. Friends and family can’t get enough of it when they come to visit. I have regular fishing buddies that have taken me to some fun and productive places. What a beautiful place to hike through. We already have a favorite place to eat, Koto’s Japanese in downtown Sonora. Ogowa is the real deal, a traditional Sushi chef.


So, Sierra Motors is here to stay. We will continue to offer value, great prices and friendly service. If you have any questions or need assistance contact me directly. I am looking forward to getting to know more local people. I have met most of my neighbors and enjoy them. I have also met almost every business owner in Jamestown and am proud to be associated with them. See you soon.


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Day 1 in Jamestown Ca. With Jim Greenleaf

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Kent Macfarlane, Christian Coville and Randi-Lynn Santa Cruz like this.

 Randi-Lynn Santa Cruz at 9:31pm April 13

That’s wonderful Jim!!! And it’s by my favorite place on earth YOSEMITE!! You are blessed! 🙂

 Paula Archuleta at 9:40pm April 13

Good luck on your career choice and I like your wine choice.

 Jim Greenleaf at 9:45pm April 13

Randi…come visit anytime you want
Paula…the Motherload and Merlot who could ask for moe..!

 Jeannette Howard Maeder at 9:46pm April 13

Don’t drink too much of that Merlot wine and be hung over for your new position. 😉 haha Remember that BAD SANTA MOVIE?! 🙂 Just kidding! 🙂 lol

 Christian Coville at 9:48pm April 13

I always knew Santa was real……


 Sherri Hayden at 9:55pm April 13

Jim ~
wow you left Palmdale!! I remember meeting you when you first did the movie Animal House I was 16yrs old and I remember you the most at my mom’s record store ( FLIPSIDE RECORDS) you were crazy FUN!!
boy did we have some fun ,I still could beat you in foos ball I bet hahaha Remember the bong room at my mom’s shop hahahahahaha Hey man I wish you luck in your new adventure santa. Love ya sher

 Jim Greenleaf at 10:00pm April 13

Jeannette… one glass just tired I will be ready 4 tommorrow..!
Christian… you know your on the nice list..:)
Sherri… you have me confused with my twin brother…the bong room…LOL…OKAY I STILL LOVE YOU…tell mom hi!

 Karen Marie Sullivan at 10:05pm April 13

looking forward to the day sequel

 Jeannette Howard Maeder at 10:08pm April 13

Santa-I know I’m on your bad list. I’ll try to do better by Christmas…maybe I’ll make your good list by then. 😉 Ok…just one glass. 🙂 Good thing it’s just a drug test and not an alcohol test. 😉 lol Have a good day tomorrow! GOOD LUCK! xo

 Jim Greenleaf at 10:18pm April 13

Karen…Me too…old school in the house… will take the laptop outside!!!
Jeannette… you on the bad list?…after 8th grade…hey jude and a bra strap…never on the bad list..!

 Jeannette Howard Maeder at 10:23pm April 13

HA! Now you have to explain that Hey Jude bra strap remark! lol Are you sure you’ve only had one glass of wine?
Looked like a large glass to me! 🙂

 Jim Greenleaf at 10:44pm April 13

I can feel your pain…just one glass…and wasn’t it the last dance? LOL 🙂

 Niki Russ at 4:17am April 14

Good Luck Jim….Looking forward to following your journey on FB.

 Jeri Ellsworth at 6:02am April 14

Great choice it’s a wonderful area. Knock their socks off today.

 Brian Deuel at 6:16am April 14

Yosemite? Now I’m really jealous and feel even MORE trapped in Michigan!

Just kidding. Knock ’em dead, Jim!!

 Tanya Jacobson-Smith at 6:38am April 14

Jim…I don’t really remember you from PHS but you seem like a great guy and I see you as a perfect Santa figure! Good luck in your new job…hope you still have time to be Santa because I’d hate to see you give that up.

 Jim Greenleaf at 6:49am April 14

Niki…Thanks I will be honest in my walk.
Jeri…This is a pin ball game…and as u know I’m the best!
Brian…As I look out my window…In the stillness of the forest I sence there is much more to life then all bullshit I’ve walked away from…Today is truely the first day of the reast of my life…wow…from half empty to half full in 325 miles…:)
Tanya…Santa is my heart…Jim’s just along for the ride..!

 Tanya Jacobson-Smith at 6:51am April 14

I wish I lived closer…I would hire you as my Santa for photos…I know you would be perfect.

 Jeri Ellsworth at 6:53am April 14

Jim. We’ll have to have a pinball shootout sometime to determine this. 😉

 Jim Greenleaf at 7:04am April 14

Tanya…we we’re never as close as we are now…the INTERNET PUTS US IN THE SAME ROOM… Santa’s Village is on the INTERNET @http://www.santalivenow.ning.com it’s free it’s Santa’s Social Network go their join and create your own Christmas page with your family and friends and Santa will be their for you in the spirit of living 365…!!! 🙂
Jeri…I would expect no less from u. :_

 Tanya Jacobson-Smith at 7:12am April 14

You are right about that Jim…the internet can be a wonderful place. It tranports us through time and space to be with our wonderful friends both old and new. I will check out your site.

 Jaymie Higgs-Salas at 8:20am April 14

Hi Jim! You are so cool! It has been about 20 years since you lived across the street and walked over in your bare feet all the time, chased by your kids! No more Pizza Place…had some fun. Think I may have even won some of your money at Jim’s weekly poker game! You are so much fun. Good luck to you in your decision to leave the “comfort zone” of Palmdale and strike out on a new adventure! God bless my friend!

 Jim Greenleaf at 8:17pm April 14

Tanya…what did u think?
Jaymie…God bless you…and keep me in your dreams.

 Rob Briggs at 4:02pm April 15

I was referring to finding the Merlot – not drinking

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