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Is what ever you bring to the table. Tells us about your Blog and why your into Social Media.

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LAIR OF THE YAK (Episode 94: Meet author ANGELINE HAWKES)

NOTE: Airs 9PM Eastern
TONIGHT as part of our WOMEN IN HORROR APPRECIATION MONTH celebration, we welcome Angeline Hawkes, author of THE COMMANDMENTS, PORTALS OF TERROR, THEN COMES THE CHILD and SHADES OF BLOOD AND SHADOW (among others). Come on down and pick Ang’s brain!

Starting: tomorrow at 6:00 pm

Challenging Paranormal Field

What Now? 

JOIN THE HauntingsTelevison ning site at-

When I first heard about this, I have to be honest; I thought it was just another group of crazies out there proverbially holding hands on the internet again – where (Lets Face It) most crazies seem to find a home &/or a companion or two to while away their hours in a blissful feeding frenzy of conspiracy and tin foil hats.

Frankly, I wish that would have been the case this time, as I would have felt much better, and certainly more secure in simply brushing them all aside in one clean sweep, But the more I began researching the technology, the claims and the evidence of these individuals – well frankly the more disturbing the facts surrounding their claims, and the technology existing to support them, became.

As a researcher, I have explored virtually anything & everything one might possibly care ‘or not care’ to explore, I have walked in haunted houses, tracked big foot on more than one occasion and even sat up all night waiting with a group of folks expecting a space ship to land, and its occupants to greet them. Most were neither haunted, nor did I get greeted by a firm hand shake or even so much as a lit finger of an ET.. sigh.

In all fairness, I have also run into many things which simply can not be explained, and thus were indeed paranormal, or outside of explanation from which they could be made by genuine effort “normal”. – So I know these events indeed do occur.

The paranormal has never been a ‘belief’ system for me personally, it has always been a field of study; as such, scrutiny or what has come to be known as ‘debunking’ is a vital part of that field.

And all of that was said to bring me to this: SOMETHING I CAN’T DEBUNK-

SPECIAL GUEST INTERVIEWS: Featuring- Derrick Robinson, President of the Freedom From Covert Harassment and Surveillance group, he along side others strongly believe, that their lives are being invaded by covert surveillance technology, and what they might tell us all, could change everything.

I invite you to hear from them personally, Feb. 22nd at:
http://www.blogstar.c… [9:10pm Pacific.]

listen for yourselves, then-You be the judge.

Radio Rod

Starting: next Monday at 9:10 pm

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