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1st post from posterous

A lot has happened to me in 2 weeks..

This was me on 01.09.2010

This is me on 02.14.2010

I had to quit my job as a Finance Director at a Gm Dealership. After nine months an being 53 years old with no insurance my diabetes was out of hand something had to happen. My daily blood sugar was over 380. All the symptoms that come with diabetes Type 2 were breaking down my body. The stress to maintain and excellent job performance under these conditions were breaking my body down.

Health Care in America is a joke and at my expense. No Health Provider would allow me to join and be seen by a Doctor with a preexisting health condition for up to twelve months.  To get the care and medication I needed I had to leave this well paying job so I could get attention.

The next day I went to an Urgent Care Center in Los Angeles County, California. After waiting some eight hours I was seen by a triage nurse and after a shot of insulin my blood sugar had dropped to 280. I received a script for the meds I had been taking a year ago without any blood work and went on my way.

I realized this was not a cure but rather a band aid. I decided I needed to find help for my diabetes outside the current system I was a prisoner of. I do know how important a support team is so I turn to my Face book friends. 3300 of the most caring humans you would ever want to know.

I shared my plight with them and they came to bat not only with their hearts but also their own experiences and cure with this disease that is not only crippling me but also the youth of our world.

This is where Raw Foods walked into my life. Rich Marta a man who in his own life has overcome his own health issues shared with me these life changing words, “YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT’.

I was on the road to hell with my diet. Consisting mainly of fast food. When I did cook it was rare meats, potatoes and gravy. You see, I hate vegetables with a passion.

When I was a young child I had to sit at the table long after everyone else left. I had to sit there until I eat all my green beans. I instantly decided I wanted nothing to do with the texture or taste of these horrendous monsters.

If veggies were the answer how could i overcome what I had created in my head and find a way to consume them? BAM! I had epiphany get rid of those two elements and could concur the world. What better way than make smoothies in a high tech vita mix blender.

I did just that by combining the veggies I hated with the great taste of fruit it became a whole new world. Of course with this new diet I no longer eat meat, whites or sugars and seek the truth in every food label I come in contact with and maybe just maybe there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

My blood sugar this morning has gone from380 to 214 in just five days with no medication. Only time will tell. I will continue to share my progress with you as I walk this path.

Rich Marta thank you and I love you as only a brother can.

Jim Greenleaf


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