Benefits Touted For Nitrogen-Filled Tires

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The Get Nitrogen Institute and tout these benefits:

•Tires stay inflated. Nitrogen molecules are three times bigger than oxygen, so gas escapes more slowly from the tire. This keeps the tire inflated longer at the correct level.

•Fuel economy improved. Nitrogen expands less than oxygen, so tire pressure doesn’t go up and down as tires heat and cool. Underinflated tires reduce gas mileage.

•Tires and wheels last longer. Underinflated tires get hot and wear more quickly. And since there’s less moisture inside the tire, rubber rots and steel rims rust more slowly.

•Vehicles handle better. Nitrogen is more common in 18-wheelers than passenger cars. NASCAR and Formula One drivers use nitro for better steering and performance. Aircraft tires are inflated with nitrogen or helium to minimize expansion and contraction from changes in temperature and atmospheric pressure during flight

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